Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding Wisdom

A new day has dawned and I feel obligated to offer something up to the world.

Now I have mentioned that creating the website that WAS Heads Up! was really all about ego. Really it was. I loved the attention.

There is nothing more awesome than someone coming up you or emailing you and saying....your awesome, you made such a difference to my experience. I have had a few letters such as this end up in my email inbox. And ya know what? It's awesome. But as much as I want to be told I'm awesome, I want the birth they had to be awesome. I want the person that has found their way to the information I have posted to use it to find a path to a birth that makes them want to jump up and down on the bed raising their arms in the air saying "I did it and I'm awesome!"

That said, I'll state that what I cared about most was that women ultimately had a place to go when they were presenting breech. I wanted people to find a hub that directed them to and supplied information. I remember looking all over the web for information about breech and would have loved to have fallen into a site such as Heads Up!. Alas I feel I have let down many by letting this web site go by the way side. I am hoping that those that have linked to will see that the link no longer is active will contact me to find out "what happened?". I hope they will find me here and be able to get all the great information that was on the site.

But my intent of posting today is not about me (as much as I would like it to be :) ).

My intent is to post about the Birthlove website.

Birthlove was created by a single woman with a desire to change the world. By doing this she touched many women, just as I did in my very specific way. Leilah McCracken has pulled a huge resource of breech information together for the expectant family on her website. as well as written a book that strikes a cord in many women. One of the best essays I've read on birth and one that pushed me into advocacy in birth was Rape of the Twenty-first Century.

I link to her today because the stories on her site played a huge part in the decision I had to make when I was faced with having to deal with my babe deciding to come ass first. By absorbing the information on her site I was given the belief that my body worked. It also opened a door to understanding the part I played in the history of this world and the strength that women held inside of themselves.

Birthlove has a great deal of information about breech birth. It even has my twin's post-birth pictures on it. (only click on this is you have no problem with seeing me half naked!)

I learned from the women I met associated with Leilah's site that birth works. I learned that we are not told the truth about the effects of modern obstetrical care on the birth process. I learned that many women suffer needless pain and emotional distress from birth experiences that just could have been different had they had the knowledge that I had so recently discovered.

So pour a cup of tea (if you haven't already) and sit back and check out the links I've just posted. I hope you find the same thing I did. I hope you discover something that makes your birth experience amazing. I hope that when your baby is born, you email me and was amazing.

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